Todd Mitchell

Special Skills

Todd Mitchell’s specialized skill sets are briefly described below, in his own words:
  • Find your next home – “You need a professional who knows the area inside and out! I will work with you to find your ideal home at the right price, tailoring all the neighborhood amenities and your essential criteria into a successful, customized search.”
  • Sell a home – “When it’s time to move, it’s best to have the help of someone who is adept at several very important tasks. Among these are marketing, advertising, showing your home to prospective buyers, negotiating the purchase contract, arranging financing and home inspections, handling paperwork, and supervising the closing. “From start to finish, I’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring your transaction is professionally and properly handled.”
  • Consult on home-selling tactics – “Buyers seldom visualize living in your home the way you do…You live one way, and market your home another. I have a gift for staging ideas and suggesting minor repairs or improvements that show off a home to its fullest potential. I’m familiar with your audience just as I know your neighborhood. My personalized help can make the difference between your home languishing on the market or selling right away.”

Education and Achievements in the Industry

Todd Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Los Angeles, with a dual emphasis on Business Administration and Economics. Among his many personal achievements are memberships of the Malibu Board of Realtors, National Association and California Associations of Realtors.

Around Town

Over the decades, Franklin Elementary School, the Ocean Park Community Center, Santa Monica Little League, and the local Chapter of the American Red Cross have all received the help and good will of their neighbor, Todd Mitchell.