Ocean Park & Main Street

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Santa Monica State Beach at Ocean Park

Eclectic, diverse, funky, happening—Ocean Park is all of the above, and more. And like the tides of the Pacific just a few blocks away, Main Street is characterized by a slow shift in personalities: By day, it’s a favorite of up-at-dawn locals, who come for breakfast or coffee after a sunrise surf session or to patronize the eclectic collection of businesses with their dogs and children in tow. Laid-back patio-lined cafés and indie boutiques can easily fill an afternoon for almost any visitor. In the evening, trendy restaurants and watering holes glow with a lively mix of options for nightlife lovers.

This neighborhood is still sprinkled with beachfront condos and original Santa Monica bungalows.

2017 - Median Home Price ~ $2M
2017 - Median Condo Price ~ $1.15M